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Dear our valued clients,

As you may have known, an Enterprise Registration Certificate and Investment Registration Certificate (if required) are the first legal requirements for enterprises to start their businesses in Vietnam. After obtaining such certificates, the business operation of the enterprises shall also comply with other laws and regulations in many business sectors. With the purpose of supporting the enterprises to conduct their businesses in strict compliance with the law of Vietnam, Phuoc & Partners has designed this Legal Compliance Health Check on the Law for Enterprises so that enterprises can check their own “legal health” in the most simple and effective way.

This Compliance Health Check on the Laws for Enterprises is designed as a simple checklist on fundamental and popular regulations and requirements of the current laws of Vietnam applicable to the enterprises.

During your check of legal compliance, you will be up to date on legal compliance matters relating to the business activities of the enterprises, specifically those of foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam. Please be noted that this Compliance Health Check on the Laws for Enterprises does not cover all legal sectors with which enterprises must comply during their operational life, nor does it go into detailed regulations. The enterprises carrying out their businesses in particular sectors such as banking, pharmaceutical, petroleum, insurance, etc. shall comply with other legal regulations. In addition, the enterprises shall also comply with detailed regulations on specific areas, such as tax, invoice, import and export, customs, environment protection, etc.

This Compliance Health Check on the Laws for Enterprises is to determine fundamental regulations under the laws of Vietnam with which the enterprises must comply. If your answer is “No” to any compliance requirement, please contact us for our consultation on that particular matter. In case there is any compliance requirement relating to the activities which are irrelevant to your enterprises, please skip it.

Please find “Compliance Health Check on the Laws for Enterprises”  AT HERE   for your consideration