Nearly the yearend is a time forenterprises to prepare and submit law compliance reportsas required by law to competent State authorities of Vietnam. Clearly understanding client’s need in this regard, Phuoc & Partners would like to introduce new Labour Law Compliance Report Calendar 2021 (English & Vietnamese versions).

This publication brings out a brief overview of reporting schedule in human resourcefield in general and labour law field in particular, including periodic reports such as Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reports. From such Calendar, enterpriseshave enough information of relevance to carry out promptly their preparation and submission ofthe required reports following the requirements and applicable provisions of law, minimizing the risks oflate submission and being subject to administrative penalties in the labour law field.

This Calendar of Phuoc & Partners is updated, amended and supplemented in accordance with the newest provisions of the labour law. The Clients can download this Labour Law Compliance Report Calendar 2021 following the link below:

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Hopefully, this Calendar will be helpful forthe Clients’human resource related daily work.Should the Clients have any question, please do not hesitate to contactus at: +84 28 36223522 or email uss at

If you need to download this calendar on your phone or any other devices, please scan the QR code below: